How to sleep a baby from 0 to 3 months

A peaceful dream every night? For most moms, it’s not like that. We offer you the critical points when putting the baby to sleep and the advice of the specialists on how to sleep a baby from 0 to 3 months. Discover them!

The baby’s nocturnal sleep, or knowing how to sleep a baby, is one of the issues that most concern moms and dads, especially when the child is very young and demands the continued presence of the mother to eat or to look for comfort

In this article we list some of the main situations faced by mothers of babies between zero and three months with respect to sleep or sleeping form of the child, and what to do in each case.

What is the best time to sleep a baby
The experience of many parents, confirmed by numerous studies conducted in sleep laboratories, shows that, in children, the most propitious time to sleep the baby is between 19 and 21:30 hours.

After this time, the child will have greater difficulty sleeping, for a very simple reason. When you are tired, the possibilities are two: either you leave the activity and you go to sleep, or, if you are forced to stay awake, the body reacts by producing a plus of adrenaline, the hormone needed to deal with emergency situations : the blood pressure rises, the heart accelerates, we feel full of energy and, suddenly, the dream disappears. In this case, the child is invaded by a great energy and, before he calms down and manages to fall asleep, he must spend an hour, the time necessary to eliminate the adrenaline put into circulation. Precisely for this reason, children who, at night, entertain themselves with exciting games have more difficulty sleeping.

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How many hours a baby should sleep
The duration of sleep and the age at which night habits change vary within a fairly fixed pattern, albeit with individual differences. Next, we offer purely indicative guidelines, which should not worry if a child does not comply exactly.

– After the first weeks of life: between the sixth and the eighth week, a newborn sleeps on average about 16 hours a day, distributed in six or seven periods throughout the 24 hours.

– From the third or fourth month: the number of sleep periods decreases, reducing to four or five and about two thirds of the sleep time are concentrated in the night period, more or less from eight in the afternoon to six in the morning. In this period, the chances of the little one crying during the night are very high.

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– After six months: there is a chance that the child can spend the whole night without waking up. Many children sleep 12 hours during the night, perhaps interrupted by brief awakenings, and take a nap for an hour or more or mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

How to sleep a baby who just wants to sleep in his arms
Many children just want to sleep in their arms, and some of them touch mom’s hair or ear. And it is that the stage of physical comfort, almost primitive, that comes from contact with the body of the mother, is normal in the newborn and until the first year of life. Therefore, it is important to establish sleep rituals, which have a concrete and fundamental value for the smooth running of the child’s rest. Later on, to favor a progressive autonomy of the child, it is important that he learn to mediate the maternal presence, when he falls asleep, through the reading of a story or a lullaby, relaxed.

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How to sleep a baby who just wants to sleep in the stroller
It is normal for the child to find the familiar and reassuring movement. During pregnancy, she slept, while the mother developed her usual dynamic life. At the beginning, we can adapt to this need, cradling him or walking him a little. When you grow up, you will realize that you can also fall asleep while still, just by listening to a lullaby.

How to sleep a baby that is uncovered at night
To prevent the small cold pass at night, when uncovering with their own movements, the ideal is to use a sleeping bag. It is a dress that covers a large part of the baby’s body, except the arms, which are released so that he does not feel imprisoned. In this way, the child sleeps well wrapped all night, avoiding the risk of becoming entangled and uncomfortable with the blankets and maintaining their optimal body temperature, on a regular basis.

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