What is the Ferber Method for sleeping the baby?

The Ferber Method for Sleeping the Baby was driven by pediatrician Richard Ferber, founder of the Pediatric Center for Sleep Disorders at the Children’s Hospital of Boston. However, despite its popularity, its technique is not well received by all dads. Next, we explain what it consists of.

What is the Ferber Method?
American pediatrician Richard Ferber was the founder and director of the ‘Center for sleep disorders’ at Children’s Hospital in Boston. During his time in that institution, he analyzed and studied the disorders of children at bedtime for more than 20 years. From that research, in 1985 he published a book entitled ‘Solve your son’s sleep problems’, where he explained a method colloquially called “Ferbetization”.

How the Ferber Method works
Ferber stipulates that between 3 and 5 months, the baby is physically and emotionally ready to start sleeping alone. That is when you can begin to carry out the step-by-step that he proposes. To start, he recommends creating a special routine with the little one to help him sleep: give him a relaxing bath, a gentle massage, cradle him in his mother’s chest, etc.

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Once the baby has entered a phase of physical and emotional well-being, it is necessary to put him in his bed awake and leave him alone for periods of time that will gradually increase, because it is the correct way to teach him to fall asleep autonomously. While she is successful, the baby may start to cry, but in this case she recommends that she not be fed or held in her arms, she can simply be comforted.

If, nevertheless, she continues crying, she should wait a little longer until they discover that her cry simply invites the parents to come closer. Therefore, it is a totally opposite method to the co-sleeping. However, according to Ferber, it is very effective for the baby to acquire the learning to fall asleep on his own, always guaranteeing that the parents are aware of him and reassuring him. In addition, it also offers time flexibility for times when the child is sick or, for example, the whole family is traveling.

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Why do not you usually like this method to sleep the baby?
Although the doctor creates a routine prior to leaving the baby in his crib based on the affective bond, as well as invites the parents to visit his son while he falls asleep; the method does not stop convincing everyone. Mainly, because parents do not like to see their little ones cry and find it very difficult to avoid picking them up.

In addition, other experts in child rearing certify that the method can damage the child’s sense of security, as well as create episodes of stress, and even provoke a rejection of fraternal love in the future.

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Did you know this technique to sleep the baby? What do you think of the method offered by the pediatrician R. Ferber so that your child learns to fall asleep?

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