3 masks to relax the eyes and eliminate dark circles

The excessive production of melanin and dilatation in the capillaries cause a dark coloration in the skin that is under the eyes.

Tired eyes and dark circles? The skin that is around the eyes is very thin; It measures around 300 to 800 microns and barely has sebaceous glands. However, over the years chemicals and excesses wear it out and take on a dark tone.

The dark circles appear when there is an obstruction in the collagen and elastin fibers, that is, the skin thins the double causing alterations in the color.

People with a genetic background are more likely to have it.
Respiratory diseases such as: asthma, sinusitis or allergies can irritate the skin, causing blood to accumulate under the eyes.
When a person has circulation problems blood vessels tend to dilate and the skin becomes thinner.
Dark skins accumulate more pigment under the eyes.
Similarly, when there are hormonal irregularities, fluid accumulation or pregnancy it is possible that the dark circles appear.
Risk factor’s
Stress: the person loses elasticity and the ability to regenerate the skin.
Constipation: intestinal irregularity is a symptom that the body is not consuming the necessary fluids and fiber.
Dehydration: when the body is not well hydrated and exposed to high temperatures.
Iron deficiency: this element is essential for the production of hemoglobin, which is responsible for oxygenating the cells.
Smoking: tobacco not only accelerates aging, alters the tone of the skin and reduces the production of collagen.

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Pay attention to the following natural masks:

1 apple
The apple is rich in antioxidants, this allows the cells to regenerate, moisturizes the area and reduces pigmentation under the eyes.

1 apple
1 glass with water (200 ml)
First put the water on the fire, when it boils add the apple.
Immediately remove the apple and with the help of a fork, crush until obtaining a paste.
Then let it cool.
Application mode
Rinse the face well and when it is slightly moist apply the paste evenly under the eyes.
Do it by giving gentle circular massage.
Wait for 5 minutes.
Finally rinse.
2. Carrot and olive oil

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The carrot contains a high concentration of beta-carotene and antioxidants. This means that it works as a protective layer for the aggressions caused by the sun. While the olive oil moisturizes and gives back the luminosity to the skin.

1 carrot
1 tablespoon of olive oil (15 gr)
To start, peel and grate the carrot.
Then you introduce it in the blender and add the olive oil.
Mix until a homogeneous paste is obtained.
Application mode
Clean the face well and apply the paste on the dark circles.
Let it rest for 20 minutes.
Finally rinse with cold water.
3. Avocado and almond oil
The avocado delays aging, beautifies the skin because it restores the tissues and provides hydration to the area. For its part, almond oil has fatty acids that fight dark circles.

Avocado pulp
6 drops of almond oil
First, place the avocado in a bowl and crush to create a paste.
Then add the 6 drops of almond oil.
Beat both ingredients until they are incorporated.
Application mode
Wash the face and then apply the mixture under the eyes.
Let it act for 10 minutes.
To conclude rinse.

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Clean your eyelids before sleeping.
Use a special moisturizer for eye contouring in the morning and at night.
Use sunscreen every day.
Try to sleep on your back to drain fluids.
Perform physical activity to have good circulation.
Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables to avoid fluid retention.
Reduce salt consumption
Avoid situations of stress because cortisol causes bad coagulation in the blood.
Drink at least 2 liters of water a day to maintain good hydration.
Remember that dark circles are not just an aesthetic issue, your body is telling you something is wrong, and you need to pay attention to avoid serious consequences. Especially if it is about bad circulation.

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