7 natural remedies to eliminate the cracks of the lips

A good hydration is key to be able to end the cracks in the lips, so it is convenient to find ingredients that help us to keep them properly moisturized

They say that smiling is our letter of introduction. However, a shiny denture is worthless if the rest of the mouth is neglected. A fundamental aesthetic element of our face are, undoubtedly, the lips.

We speak of a portion of skin that does not need major efforts in its maintenance. However, it must be taken care of of its worst enemy: dryness.

This dryness is what produces the uncomfortable cracks of the lips. However, there are many natural remedies and moisturizers that have to be taken into account.

1. Olive oil
As we know, olive oil is not only used to season salads. It is a nutritional compound with great potential for the general hydration of the skin.

How to use?
The only thing we should do is smear a small piece of cotton with the olive oil and pass it through the lips evenly.
We will let the oil act as long as possible and be absorbed by the fleshy skin.
To make matters worse, this food product has anti-inflammatory and natural antioxidant properties. These erect it as a cosmetic product with great benefits.

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2. Balsam or menthol oil
Menthol balm is a product of mint and also has some of its analgesic properties. For this reason some people use it in wounds and also, in case of cracks in the lips.

How to use?
A good idea is to mix 350 g of mint leaves in neutral oil, which can be olive or almond.
The important thing is to crush the leaves, mix them with oil and let them simmer. Then it is placed in a dark jar and ready.
Whether it’s menthol or peppermint oil, there are several options. This plant can be very useful to combat the dryness of the lips.

3. Shea butter
Shea butter
It is the component used in many commercial butters sold in pharmacies and applied as if it were a lipstick. Beyond this, you can also make homemade creams with this compound.

How to use?
We can prepare a topical balm with a spoonful of this butter and another of avocado pulp.
The only thing that should be done is to melt the shea and mix.
Once the pasta is cold it can be placed several times a day on the lips.

4. Cracks in the lips? Use honey wax
The natural elixir produced by bees is an extremely powerful moisturizer and anti-inflammatory. Using it on the skin ensures the absorption of an important load of nutrients capable of reversing the cracks of the lips.

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How to use?
We can mix the honey wax with another neutral oil. It is advisable to apply it in the mouth when we sleep and remove it when we get up.
The best thing is that this solution is ideal to restore the tissues of each lip, avoiding the aging of the epidermis.
5. Castor oil
The oil produced by the castor plant is one of the richest in natural fatty acids. They are credited with all the healing potential of this product.

It is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that contribute to the nutrition of the fleshy areas of the lips.

How to use?
This element is obtained at very low prices in any pharmacy or supermarket.
To apply it, just smear a cotton and pass it through the affected area. We should avoid tasting it because its taste can be something unpleasant.
6. Aloe vera or aloe
Aloe vera or aloe secretes an internal liquid when its leaves are cut. It has a strong smell and a bitter taste, but its properties in the restructuring of the skin are considered by some to be “miraculous”.

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How to use?
Due to its unpleasant stench, you have to choose the best time for your application.
It is advisable to place the aloe when we are in the house for a while before going to sleep.
7. Cream of milk for the cracks of the lips
Milk cream for the cracks of the lips
This is a little known treatment, but very effective to eliminate the cracks that appear on the lips.

How to use?
A full bowl of whole cow’s milk should be left for at least 3 days in the refrigerator.
The next thing is to remove the cream that remains on the surface and place it in the crevices of the lips.
We can also get the cream after boiling the milk. When it is allowed to cool it is much easier to remove this solid substance.
Its application can be done several times a day.

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