8 tips to recover your figure after pregnancy

It is possible to recover the figure after childbirth with some very simple tricks. The key is to carry them out disciplined.

After pregnancy it is normal that you want to recover your figure. Although it may seem a difficult goal to achieve in the long term, there is no reason to be overwhelmed. It is not a race against time. Everything can be achieved with patience, effort and perseverance.

It’s time to love yourself and find the alternative that best suits your body. In this way, you will not only get your own welfare but other benefits, among which is to recover your figure.

A pregnancy implies the adaptation of the body to the formation of a new human being. The most significant changes are the widening of the hips and the increase in the volume of the breasts. Usually, the woman increases between 20 and 30 pounds (or more) during pregnancy.

Recovering your figure after pregnancy can be achieved with a healthy eating plan and a good exercise routine. In this sense it is important to remember that the ideal is to always consult with the specialist before starting any diet.

Some doctors recommend waiting between 6 months to a year after delivery. This time is indicated for the organs to return to their place. Also so that the hormones stabilize and the metabolism begins to accelerate.

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It is also the time necessary for the mother to adapt to the baby’s routine. Sleep and fatigue are contraindicated in diets and exercises.

How to recover your figure after pregnancy

Balanced diet
During the lactation period, women often feel more hungry. Controlling appetite is the first condition to lose weight. It is recommended to make small snacks, every three hours, to alleviate the increase in appetite.

Snacks should be high in cereals and low in refined sugars

The postpartum diet should be rich in fruits, vegetables and protein. Proteins help accelerate metabolism and give a greater feeling of fullness.

The consumption of processed carbohydrates such as breads and crackers prevents weight loss. They also provide a fictitious energy to the body, which is quickly consumed.

During the first postpartum days, the energy charge is important. The intake of fruits such as banana, peach or plum provide energy to women.

It is a good ally in weight loss. In each dose given to the baby, the woman can lose up to 500 calories. However, for breastfeeding to help recover the figure after childbirth, a balanced diet is important.

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A good diet prevents problems of allergies or intolerances in the future. With an adequate selection of foods, children will have better digestion and rest better. What benefits the mother.

One step at a time
One step at a time
You can start with small walks of 15 minutes a day. To the extent that progress is made, you can increase the duration and extend the exercise routine. There’s no reason to hurry. You can move forward little by little.

Another option is to resort to pilates, cardiovascular routines or yoga, which is not only a physical exercise but also an excellent option for the mind and spirit.

Drinking water
After pregnancy, the body needs to recover its stability. This includes hydration. In addition, water is the first producer of breast milk.

It is important to drink enough water daily to favor the elimination of toxins. Additionally, water helps accelerate the metabolism and, consequently, burn fat. On the other hand, a hydrated body rests better.

Sleep and rest well
Sleeping as many hours as possible also helps. People who sleep little, have a slow metabolism and lose little weight.

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Insomnia, fatigue or little sleep is common in moms for the first 100 days. Hence the importance of trying to rest, while the baby sleeps.

Restful sleep is a good psychological and physical stabilizer. Reduces stress and recharges the energies, necessary during the upbringing.

Self motivation
When looking to recover the figure it is important to avoid self-criticism. On the contrary, it is advisable to celebrate any achievement, however minimal.

Use of girdles
Use of girdles
On the use of belts, there are conflicting opinions. Some specialists do not recommend them because they reduce the work of the abdominals. However, during the first 3 months of postpartum, a girdle will help keep the entire abdomen collected.

Enjoy your free time
Obsessing with losing weight does not help in the process of recovering your figure. It is important to know how to give yourself a few minutes alone to get reacquainted with yourself.

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