Fallen eyelashes: causes and natural treatments

Did you know that the deficit of nutrients produced by eating an unbalanced diet can influence the fall of the eyelashes? Try to improve your diet to avoid it

Eyelashes play a protective role that many of us overlook. These, being located at the edges of the eyelids, are responsible for preventing many particles from reaching the inside of the eyes.

They have always been a main component of the beauty of the face, above all because its long, curved appearance allows for a more attractive look.

Although their size and volume vary in each person, in general, almost all of them look for abundant and outstanding.

The problem is that, as with hair, some factors tend to weaken them until they cause an excessive fall.

This situation not only represents an aesthetic problem but, over time, can facilitate the development of eye infections.

Because of this, today we want to review its main causes and some remedies of natural origin that allow to strengthen them.

Discover them!

Causes of the fall of the eyelashes
Lashes can fall for one or more reasons. In general, there is no exact cause to explain it.

Excessive makeup
The excessive use of products to make up lashes is one of the main causes of its weakening and falling.

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Low-quality mascaras, curling irons and waterproof masks tend to cause thinning of the hair that ultimately leads to loss.

Sleeping with makeup
The hairs on the eyelashes, as with hair, need to be free of external substances to be able to oxygenate correctly.

For this reason, when sleeping with the makeup on, they become brittle to the point of falling in alarming amounts.

Makeup allergy
All types of skin are different and, therefore, in some allergic reactions occur when certain cosmetics are applied.

If the mascara is aggressive to the base of the eyelashes, it may trigger its loss.

The continuous exposure to stress situations is related to hair loss and eyelashes.

There is no external treatment that works in these cases, unless the direct cause of the emotional imbalance is controlled.

Nutritional deficiencies
The low absorption of some essential nutrients stops hair growth and can cause its fall.

Make sure to include sources of:

Vitamins A, B and E
Minerals such as magnesium and iron
Omega-3 fatty acids
High quality proteins

Hormonal changes
A hormonal imbalance can influence the weakening of the eyelashes. Remember that, although we ignore it, hormones regulate many body processes.

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Natural treatments to stop the fall of the eyelashes
In the market there are many strengthening treatments that can help to counteract this problem. However, to avoid having to spend too much, we can optionally resort to several natural treatments.

Vitamin E capsule
Vitamin-E capsules
The oil contained in the vitamin E capsules help to regenerate the eyelashes when they are damaged by makeup chemicals.

Its application increases the thickness of the hair and, in the long term, stimulates its growth.

How to use it?
Break a capsule of vitamin E and rub the oil over the eyelashes with the help of the fingertip.
Repeat its use every night before going to bed.
Castor oil
Rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and amino acids, castor oil is one of the best natural solutions to keep lashes beautiful and strong.

How to use?
Dip a clean brush or cotton swab in the oil, and rub it from the roots to the ends of the lashes.
Leave it on without rinsing and use it every night after removing makeup.

Almonds oil
Almond oil contains essential vitamins and minerals that give strength to the lashes of the eyelashes to minimize their fall.

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How to use?
Moisten the fingertips with the oil and rub it, carefully, over the lashes.
Use it 2 times a day, every day.
Although you may find it hard to believe, a product such as petroleum jelly can also be useful to obtain abundant and hydrated eyelashes.

How to use?
Take a little Vaseline with your fingertip and rub it from the roots outwards.
Repeat its use every night before sleep.

Olive oil
olive oil
The fatty acids of olive oil are powerful moisturizers that help regenerate the eyelashes to reduce the damage they suffer in the environment.

How to use?
Heat a little olive oil and, when it is warm, apply it to the lashes with the help of a clean mascara brush.
Repeat its use every night before going to bed.
Are your eyelashes falling? Try these treatments of natural origin and check that you do not have to spend too much to control it.

If the problem persists, consult the doctor. Sometimes it can occur due to some diseases.

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