The meaning of facial wrinkles and how to prevent them

What are wrinkles or expression lines and how to prevent them? Many factors contribute to marking the lines on the face. In this article we show you the meaning and the forms of prevention with remedies and natural foods.

The face is a reflection of the soul and wrinkles are also a sign of the functioning of our organism, both our emotions and the punctual or chronic weakening of the organs. For this reason, the marks that appear are not only the fault of age or the passage of time, but they can indicate something that we should improve in ourselves.

In this article we expose the meaning of the most frequent wrinkles and the way in which we can prevent them or even reduce them with natural remedies, healthy foods and healthy life advice.

Crow’s feet
Crow’s feet
These wrinkles appear at the end of the eyes in the form of horizontal lines that go towards the temple and that are accentuated when we laugh or squint. Although they can also be marks of expression in very happy people, the crow’s feet usually denote a weakness of the liver. In many cases they usually add to certain vision problems, which are also related to liver function.

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To prevent and soften these wrinkles we can follow the following tips:
Avoid the consumption of sugars and unhealthy fats such as: sausages, margarines, industrial pastries, fried, etc.
Make light dinners and rather early, so that when we go to bed we have already digested.
Take medicinal infusions and supplements based on boldo, milk thistle, turmeric, artichoke or dandelion.
Combat stress and negative emotions such as anger.

Bags under the eyes
Many people suffer from bags under the eyes, a swelling that gives us a sad, tired and aging look. Although there are cosmetic surgery operations that can eliminate these bags, we can also prevent them in time or reduce them when they start to come out if we take care of the health of our kidneys, which are responsible for the balance of fluids:

Drink at least a liter and a half of water every day, divided into several doses, fasting and always outside meals.
Avoid excessive consumption of salt and always opt for sea salt or salt from the Himalayas.
Consume raw fruits and vegetables every day in: juices, gazpachos and salads, which are rich in water and potassium.
Apply local heat in the area of ​​the kidneys (mid back) with water bags or electric mats.
Consume vitamin C supplements
Wrinkles on the forehead
Wrinkles on the forehead
The wrinkles that appear on the forehead as horizontal lines that go almost from side to side are the reflection of day-to-day concerns, that is, they have an emotional origin. For this reason, the solution involves a change in our way of being, by a more positive and decisive attitude that helps us to solve problems without anguish. It is about not worrying, but about dealing with the issues that arise.

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We can find an emotional support in the Bach Flowers, which are natural essences that help us find a psychological balance without any secondary effect or risk of dependence. We can take them at any age and at any time, as they have no contraindications. However, we recommend going to a floral therapist to diagnose the most suitable flowers for us.

Wrinkles under the nose
Wrinkles under the nose
The vertical wrinkles that start on both sides of the nose and descend to the outside of the lips are a reflection of intestinal malfunction. In many cases, there may even be an improvement or a rapid worsening due to specific intestinal crises, for example constipation.

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To eliminate these wrinkles we will follow these tips:
We must have a balanced diet, rich in vegetables and whole grains, since these foods will provide us with the fiber that our intestine needs.
When increasing the consumption of fiber we should also be aware of the need to drink water to facilitate the assimilation of fiber, since otherwise, we could aggravate the situation.
We will consume chia and flax seeds that we will soak a few hours before.

The kuzu is an excellent remedy to regulate any intestinal disorder.
Agar agar gelatin also contributes to the balance of the intestine.
In specific cases we can do enemas.
Exercising and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is also essential for a healthy bowel.

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