What is “Lifting with threads”?

With the passage of time our skin loses firmness and elasticity. To have a well defined face you can opt for the technique of lifting with threads. The effects are instantaneous and does not require anesthesia or hospitalization.

Apparently they are a “miracle” to end facial flabbiness a problem that worries both women and men. To have a “well-defined” face and no signs of the passage of time, it is not necessary to undergo costly and painful aesthetic surgeries, since now you can opt for the “lifting with threads”. In this article we will tell you more about it.

What to know about Lifting with threads
Also known as tension threads or “magic threads” this facelift, which is already a trend, aims to rejuvenate the internal tissues of the skin by correcting the flaccidity. The procedure is quick, without incisions and with biocompatible material. Perhaps for that reason it is a success as at the time it was the Botox.

The lifting with threads arose in Japan and was taken from the technique used to suture heart operations. It does not produce rejection or allergies and the material used is Polydioxanone, which is reabsorbed only after 6 months.

The use of threads to tighten or give a better look to the skin is not something new, but it is true that techniques have been improving over time. In the 80s, for example, the “gold threads” that were introduced under the skin were used. But the main problem of this technique was that the material caused rejection and adverse reactions such as, for example, irregularity in the dermal relief, hardening in the treated area, etc.

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The lifting with threads manages to return the firmness of the facial oval and neck through a kind of mesh-like fabric where threads are interlocked and interlocked. This “mask” is then placed on the skin to hold the facial tissue.

How is the lifting with threads applied?
How the lifting with threads is applied
The technique is 100% personalized, is performed according to the needs of each patient taking into account the age, physiognomy and degree of flaccidity. Approximately 10 to 20 threads are inserted with a needle-thin cannula through the subcutaneous tissue. When removed, the thread is stretched on its own. The result is a more elastic and youthful skin.

One of the main advantages of lifting with threads is that there are very few cases of allergies or rejections. In turn, the threads are not detected in sight or touch and maintenance is needed in the medium term.

Polidioxanone (PDO) threads are known as “magical”, as they have the ability to form support tissue naturally and, at the same time, help in the formation of fibroblasts and collagen around them to tighten and redensify the skin .

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The results of this technique are progressive and quite natural. The first changes are noticed after the third week and improve up to 3 months after the application. The session to implant the tensor threads lasts approximately 30 minutes and must be repeated after 6 months.

The side effects that can be related to this beauty treatment are:

Redness at the insertion points.
Bruising if a capillary breaks.
Passenger pain (disappears within 2 to 6 days).
Mild edema
The lifting with threads is indicated for people from the age of 35, both men and women who wish to repair, prevent or improve the sagging of their face. It can also be combined with other treatments, such as mesotherapy, radiofrequency or plasma application.

It is worth noting that this treatment is not recommended in people who have excessive flaccidity due to advanced age or those who want to solve the skin sagging produced by obesity or a large weight loss.

Advantages and disadvantages of the lifting with threads
Advantages and disadvantages of the lifting with threads
The main uses of the tension threads are in the face:

Elevation of cheeks
Elimination of wrinkles around the eyes.
Neck reaffirmation.
Reduction of the “double chin”.
Improvement of nasolabial folds.
You can also use the lifting with threads for treatments in other parts of the body (buttocks, abdomen, breasts, arms, etc.). Among the advantages of this treatment we highlight:

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Immediate effects and no changes in facial expression.
Does not require anesthesia, hospitalization or special preparation.
The threads are not visible after being used offering a more natural result.
There are no scars or bleeding and the treatment can be combined with other techniques.
The material used is biological and does not produce allergies or rejections (and are naturally reabsorbed).
It is a quick treatment for it is known as “lifting without surgery” and can be applied as many times as necessary.
On the other hand there are also some disadvantages of the lifting with threads:

Bruising, swelling or slight infection may occur in some patients.
If the person who has no experience can cause asymmetries in the face.
The results are not permanent and they disappear progressively if they are not maintained.
At 12 months there are no traces of the threads (in case of not making a new application).
In a very low percentage a tensioner thread can break and cause health risks.

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