7 Products for the Most Common Winter Hair Accessory Woes

Swipe these hemp paper sheets over flyways pre and post hat removal. These are also infused with shea butter and coconut oil to smooth strands and bring back any shine sucked out by your head gear.

“When wearing ear muffs or head phones, make sure your hair is completely dry so you don’t cause unwanted creasing,” says Herbal Essences Celebrity Stylist Bridget Brager. She always warns against going out with your hair, even a little bit damp. “Blow dry, I mean really DRY! Freezing temps can also freeze our hair causing breakage and all over lack luster look.”

Before styling, apply a primer, like this one, that will help give your hair the flexibility to be easily reshaped in case of any accessory bends.

Living Proof Style Lab Prime Style Extender, $20, at Living Proof

When your cute hat is causing breakage…

Cotton and heavy wool hats are probably the worst things to touch your mane—but being cold isn’t really an option either. “Find hats and beanies that are lined with silk or a material similar that won’t rough up the hair cuticle eventually causing damage and breakage,” says Brager. Try a satin-lined turban to protect hair from damaging friction while keeping your head warm (and cute).

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Grace Eleyae Zino Satin-Lined Knot Turban, $45, at Grace Eleyae


When hat hair leads to hay hair…

It doesn’t take much of a temperature drop for borderline dry strands to really feel like straw. Instead of slathering on weighty oils as you style, build up moisture when you’re in the shower. Since many shampoos can be more drying this time of year, swap in a frizz-fighting cleansing conditioner that will still get hair clean.

It’s a 10 Miracle Defrizzing Cleansing Conditioner, $25, at It’s a 10


When indoor heat + outdoor cold = major shedding

It doesn’t take much for hair to go through a crisis during winter. The same way that your skin can experience a dry spell during the winter, so does hair. “Hair loss definitely increases during the winter months. Not enough healthy oils are penetrating the roots of the hair,” Brager notes. Supplements with Biotin, Niacin, Vitamin A, D and C, Zinc and especially iron can help. “A lack of iron has been shown to increase hair loss,” she adds.

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This one also helps replenish damaged keratin bonds to help repair and strengthen strands from within.

NeoCell Keratin Matrix Advanced Hair Repair, $25, at Whole Foods


When layers leave your strands limp…

“A big problem in the winter months is dry, itchy scalp because of the lack of moisture in the air,” says Brager. She advises focusing your hair cleansing and conditioning efforts on the scalp. “It helps rid the scalp of troublesome build up and helps to rinse away dryness due to weather conditions,” she notes.

Try a micellar water shampoo to help lift dirt, oil and built up product from the scalp without stripping your hair completely. Follow it with a foam conditioner for the much needed moisture, without too much weight or buildup on your scalp.

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Herbal Essences Blue Ginger In-The-Shower Foam Conditioner, $6, at Target


When you need to combat helmet hair without too much heat…

It’s no secret that daily flat ironing is one of the worst things you can do to your strands—no matter what time of year. But when your style takes on the shape of your hat, smooth things out with a heated brush instead of a flat iron. The heat is more evenly distributed than a flat iron to help loosen up any stiffness, get rid of frizz and straighten the flyways, without scorching.

InStyler Glossie, $80, at Ulta

source: http://stylecaster.com

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