There’s already ice cream that does not melt

Those who consume ice cream should do so quickly, as they begin to melt moments after leaving the freezer. Japanese scientists developed a type of ice cream that does not melt from a discovery made accidentally by a chef.

The intention to prolong the effects of many products has led companies around the world to create lasting effects. This is the case of permanent makeup, of chemicals to preserve nail polish for longer, cosmetics to prolong youth, etc. The reason is simple: we all want what we like to be durable, including ice cream.

Ice cream addicts go crazy
For those people who love to prolong pleasure, ice cream that does not melt has arrived from the East. No matter the temperature of the environment or exposure to sunlight, ice cream that does not melt keeps its shape and flavor. And, more surprising still, it is kept cold inside.

After leaving the freezer, conventional ice creams begin to drip and lose their shape. In summer it is common to see stained clothes and fingers glued by sugar. Those are common images until today.

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Where did ice cream come from that does not melt?
Where did an ice cream that does not melt come from?

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This wonderful invention originates in Japan thanks to the mistake of a chef. While trying to make use of the strawberries that were grown during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, chance arose. These fruits would probably be discarded because of not having normal growth.

After experimenting with several formulas, the Japanese chef managed to prepare a pastry cream that solidified the strawberries. A group of students from the Biotherapeutic Development Research Center of the University of Kanazawa learned about this finding. From there they decided to follow up on the chef’s experiments and start an investigation.

One of the principles of Kanazawa University is to be open to the local community. Thanks to that perspective and the focus on innovation, there was an interest in this unconventional topic.

Why does not it melt?
Why it does not melt

Tomihisa Ota, research scientist, pharmacy professor in charge of the research carried out explains it. He assures that the find thanks to which the ice cream that does not melt was created is poly phenol. It is a liquid substance extracted from strawberries.

The poly phenol makes it more difficult to separate the water and the fat that make up the ice cream. Therefore, it retains its shape for a much longer time than usual, even when exposed to the sun.

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The poly phenol is a natural substance, without chemical additives. It is the reason why the product has gone on sale without having to go through sanitary controls. This could also facilitate its commercialization in the rest of the world. At the moment it is only for sale in Japan.

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Where to get an ice cream that does not melt?
Where to get an ice cream that does not melt
The product has been baptized with the name “Kanazawa Ice”. It is marketed by the company Biotherapy Development Research Center, in a store with the same name of ice cream, located in the Higashi-Chaya District. It has an approximate cost of 500 yen, equivalent to 4.5 dollars.

This tourist sector of the city has a traditional Japanese style very attractive for its visitors. There is still the possibility of seeing geishas walking naturally on the street. In the gastronomic offer are traditional Japanese dishes and products, as well as special places to drink coffee. Now, with the arrival of ice cream that does not melt, more and more visitors will be attracted by the curiosity and fascination of trying something that seemed impossible. Can it be a homemade ice cream?

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The ice cream that does not melt has been news both in the local media and in different digital news portals. Among the publications are the accounts of the experiences of customers who put the ice cream in the sun, others who can not wait to try it for a few minutes to see if it melts and others, more extreme, that bring it closer to a blow dryer. Everyone agrees that it truly retains its consistency and when eating it is still cold.

In the rest of the world, especially in cities where temperatures exceed 25 degrees, they begin to wonder how long it will take to get ice cream that does not melt, how it will be, etc.

If the commercialization of ice cream is successful in other countries it will no longer make sense that sad image of the melted cone on the hot asphalt. Nor will the typical phrase of the parents to the children be heard advising that they take the ice cream before it melts.

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