4 Ideas to customize your Converse sneakers

Do not miss these ideas to customize your Converse! Converse shoes are one of the most used in the world, because they are comfortable, they stick with everything and never go out of style. If you want to give a new use to your canvas shoes and you want to know how to paint some shoes, we invite you to continue reading this post. In it we will teach you in a quick and easy way to paint shoes and get them to look really unique and original.

For example, buying a handful of tacks in a haberdashery or shop specializing in DIY can get a touch of rock to your shoes and make them look completely different. You can play to create different geometric shapes, follow patterns or as you like, always choosing a color of the tacks that contrast with that of the shoes. You will cause sensation!

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The glitter effect is very fashionable in the accessories, and now you can also do it with your canvas shoes. We will protect the sole with bodybuilder’s tape and we will remove the laces to apply glue to fabric in spray and later we will only have to go purring it of the color that we want. Let dry very well, then shake to remove the excess making sure that the entire surface has been covered and we can return to put the cords and use them. To fix the glitter, you can, for example, use hairspray.


Light colored canvas sneakers are a good area to give a loose tent to our imagination, painting with markers for fabric, yes, provided we are good, if we do not want to make a mess with our Converse. Although we can also buy in the market different adhesive templates for fabric, with which to give this special look to the canvas shoes.

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In addition to the tacks, which we have seen previously, we can also use fabric like leopard print and cover the tongue of the canvas shoes. In contrast to red, they are very cool and surely no one else will. Do you dare with any of these ideas?

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