5 diy ideas to customize your old jeans at home

Recycling clothes not only means saving money but it will allow us to customize it and leave it as we want. For example jeans or jeans that we have broken at home and that have always been good but we do not put, can be reason to encourage us to prepare something like what we will show you in this post and get some jeans with a look much more modern and special. You dare?

For example, if you have a good pulse you can hand paint the underside of your jeans, but you can also help by using one of the many templates you can find on the Internet. You only need the template and a good marker for cloth, you can get results like the ones you see in the first picture.

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If you want to give a special touch to your jeans, you can use a strip of fabric with tiny tassels that you can find in many haberdasheries. You will be able to give it a very original look, although you can also add other things such as fringes of one color or many colors to make the pants more cheerful. You just have to sew around the seams of the trousers and pockets as you can see in the photo. How to make jeans-broken jeans The broken jeans do not go out of fashion and if we want to do it at home, it is the simplest, there is only mark the area where you want the broken and make a horizontal cuts to scissors, then go fraying and will be ready.

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Sometimes the simplest is the most original. If you have some jeans that have a stain of bleach, some area very worn or even broken, you can take and sew different pieces of fabric as a patchwork, very fashionable this winter. If you do not want to sew, you can choose adhesive fabric that is activated with a press, you will be very original.


To finish we leave you with something as simple as painting some jeans making a template with lots of circles. We just have to put it on the legs of the pants and paint with a marker for fabric or spray paint fabric. Which one do you like the most?

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