How to customize your beach bag

If you are one of those people who love to customize all their clothes, accessories or accessories, I’m sure that the idea that we are going to give you is great and that you will start it up when you have the opportunity. What do you think about customizing a shopping bag or the one you use to go to the beach?

For this you will need a canvas bag in the color you want, although this time we have chosen a light color. The important thing is that it is completely smooth, that is, only color, no textures such as embroidery, prints, etc., which will allow us to give it the touch we want.

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If you do not find a bag with these characteristics, do not worry because you can buy the fabric and make it yourself. Make a beach bag does not have much difficulty and in just half an hour you can have it done if you have a sewing machine and everything is cut to fit the many tutorials that are on the Internet.

To make this DiY you will need a canvas bag in the chosen color, thermal markers that are activated with heat (for example with an ironing), a template for letters (or a good pulse) and patience.


The first thing we should do is look for the design of some letters to create a message that we will write on one of the sides of our bag. When we have created the template we will pass it to the stock market. This is done by placing the folio printed with the letters under the fabric and using the pen of the color chosen above, going little by little so that it is as faithful as possible to the original.

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Then, with markers of another color we can make drawings, in this case they are small scribbles in different colors. The last step is to move the iron over so that the colors and the design are fixed to the bag and you have something unique. What do you think of this DiY?

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