Ideas to personalize your shirts

If you want to have completely exclusive shirts for you and your family, we will give you some ideas so you can do them and get fantastic results for very little money. For the first DiY that we are going to recommend you will only need three things, a basic white shirt, a bottle of liquid child glue and clothing dye.

Possibly you are wondering how it is possible to personalize a shirt with only these three things, but it is simpler than you imagine. We will start from the base that one of the characteristics of this kind of glue is that it is eliminated with water, so you will not have to worry about throwing it on the shirt, so be it fears and let’s get down to work.


The first step we have to do is wet the shirt and then put a tray, a cardboard or any other kind of medium solid surface on the inside to make the shirt is tight. With the glue of the child glue on the fabric we will create the pattern that we want or we will write little by little the message that we want to appear.

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Once we have finished we have to let it dry, so it can take us a few hours to wait. When it has dried we will prepare the dye in the water, following the manufacturer’s recommendations and submerge the shirt so that it acquires the color that we have chosen.


In addition to dyeing the shirt, with the water the glue will go, but this will have left a fence that will not be removed. Once dyed, we will wash the shirt with a soap for delicate items and we will make sure that no glue remains and we will be able to spread it with the rest of the laundry.

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Another way to prepare a personalized shirt is to buy adhesive cloth, which is activated by the heat action of the iron. With a sheet of this fabric we can design the message that we want, a word, a symbol, numbers … Whatever we want!

We just have to place the sheet of fabric on a solid surface, design what we want to be sealed on the shirt and cut it carefully so that it is in the best possible way. Then we just have to place the design where we want and pass the iron over, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Then we will only have to remove the protective paper and we will have the shirt ready.

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Our last recommendation will also allow us to give a different touch to a shirt. We just have to choose a color fabric in contrast to the one on the shirt, trace the outline of a letter that we have downloaded from the Internet, cut and sew the shirt, but to make it look better we can use the function of our double machine zigzag to highlight the edges.

As you have seen, there are three very simple ways to make a basic shirt become something special. You just have to propose it, it costs very little money and it does not take a lot of work to create an exclusive garment.

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