Recycle your shoes with this DiY

If you have some shoes that you no longer use because they are discolored, have some broken or worn, you can give them a new life with the DiY that we have prepared for you in this post. For this you need the shoes, special glue for fabrics, scissors and most importantly a cloth to decorate and protect them, but not any fabric but a resistant like canvas, for example.

As you can see in the photo, the first thing to do is cover the area of ​​the toe of the shoes. First we must clean the entire area well, then apply the special glue or industrial glue for fabric and then we will apply the fabric, but stretching it well so that no wrinkles or creases are produced.

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We will stick it to where the sole begins. To be a little more tight to the area, we can help with a knife or a thin object to adjust it well and that we do not have the fabric hanging, then cut flush with scissors and continue with the next part.


We must follow the outline of the shoe in question. In this case it has a kind of peak in the area of ​​the tongue, because that peak must also be taken into account when sticking the fabric, reminding you that it should be as stretched as possible.


The sides and the back should also follow the same process as the toe, it will not cost much to do it because they are always the same steps, ie put the glue or tail, stretch the fabric well, place it and then trim the edges that over, always keeping the balance in the cuts and doing it carefully so as not to cut too much.

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With a little patience we can give a new life to those shoes that we like so much and that we have customized to our liking.

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