Mood Food, eat to be happy

The new gastro tendency does not measure calories, but the index of “food happiness”. We are not referring to the glycemic index, the blood sugar shot that can cause peaks of “high”, but then we immediately begin the descent. Mood Food is looking for food that raises the spirits and, at the same time, is healthy: foods that -for their components- stimulate the secretion and assimilation of the “hormones of happiness”, such as serotonin or dopamine.

Perhaps chocolate is the most popular of these foods (it was the first to be marketed in 2015 under the label of Mood Food), as it contains theobromine, an alkaloid that stimulates the nervous system. But he’s not the only one. For example, we can resort to tryptophan, an amino acid precursor of serotonin found in bananas. It is also known that the lack of certain nutrients affects irritability, as occurs with iron, potassium or magnesium.

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Mood Food also gives priority to foods that “shield our brain”. Antioxidants such as flavonoids (present in grapes or blueberries) or selenium in walnuts serve to protect neurons and facilitate the connection of areas of the brain related to well-being. Omega-3 – present in salmon or sardines – facilitates communication between different regions of the brain involved in emotional behavior.

According to the chef Mª Eugenia Pérez-Blanco, “we must learn again to combine food and discover its essential elements to extract the best from them. The most effective is to introduce a combination of Mood Food ingredients into our daily, healthy, stable and balanced diet. ”

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The fruit plays a fundamental role in this new gastro current. At the University of Otago (New Zealand) the more fruits and vegetables we take, the happier and more energetic we will feel

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