Why should not you suck the head of prawns?

This crustacean is a “heavy metal”
Shrimps and prawns are two star ingredients at any Christmas dinner, but – in fact – are a good choice throughout the year: they provide many proteins, with few saturated fats and are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. However, few people know that they also have a high cholesterol content: 100 grams provide 150 mg of cholesterol (half of the recommended daily consumption).

Also, you have to choose them well. You can not trust its reddish hue. It is true that prawns acquire that color when their diet is rich in astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant. However, the food industry knows that this is precisely what the consumer is looking for, so – to enhance it – sulfites are added. This prevents them from blackening. It is not simply a matter of colors. Sulfites can cause urticaria and angiodema and, in addition, asthma attacks to people who are asthmatic. They also absorb other dangerous minerals, such as cadmium and copper. Normally, these substances are found in the head of crustaceans and rarely reach the “meat”.

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Therefore, if you want to add the prawns to your Christmas menu, eat them with a knife and fork and do not suck your head: we know that it loses its grace, but it is healthier (and a little thinner).

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