12 infallible tricks to attract love

Take note of these suggestions and get the boy you want
Let’s face it, flirting is often more complicated than it seems. If you are one of those who have had a lot of appointments and none has come to fruition, stop regretting and take action. Remember that if things go well, that date can become the beginning of a great relationship. So if this time you want to be sure there will be a second date, do not miss this manual with all the tips to change the direction of your love life.

1. There is life beyond the bar
Of course, you may find love while you savor a wonderful gin & tonic at the trendy bar, but would not it be much cooler to say that you met him while you were running? You may find your better half where you least expect it, so if you only have the same routines, like going to the same bar as always, you are missing a lot of opportunities. There are many couples who have met while queuing at the supermarket or while paying the parking ticket. Love can arise anywhere, so do not stop going out and keep your eyes open.

2. Trust your friends Who better to advise you than your own friends? Trust them and do not cut yourself before the proposal of a blind date. At the end of the day you will feel more comfortable if you stay with people with whom you share friendships. So he loses the fear of blind dates and, at the same time, leaves the rules clear. Even if your friend becomes your matchmaker, remind him that at the end of a meeting there should be chemistry, regardless of your common friendships.

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3. An appointment with a friend? Why not! We should eliminate the barriers that separate us from love. In part, because even if you do not expect it, it may be that a meeting with a friend becomes one of your best dates. Think about it: with a friend it will be easier for you to share the same interests and values, that you know your family and that you feel comfortable with their surroundings. Also, remember that friendship is the foundation of any relationship. And that, of course, you already have it.

4. Choose the web well to link Actually, the internet is a fantastic site: it has brought us ingenious inventions such as Twitter, mythical series such as Orange Is The New Black and, now, it can become the perfect medium to find that better half. Are you ready and willing to find love? Now it only remains to choose the web or application of appointments well. Think about what kind of relationship you are looking for: A friendship, a serious relationship, someone who also wants to get married? Only then will you choose the right website to meet your prince charming.

5. First impressions count
Remember: first impressions are usually decisive. They say that the first 12 minutes are key for you to realize if that person really interests you and vice versa. To make a good impression, keep eye contact with that person, smile and be interested in what he says. And first of all, do not forget to be yourself and get the best out of yourself.

6. Being “cool” does not always work
They have repeated to us over and over again that kids like to be direct, daring. However, several studies say the opposite: it shows that men are attracted to sensitive women. So you do not have to laugh if you do not understand their jokes or exaggerate how well you’re doing. Be natural and do not force yourself: everything will follow its course.

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7. Avoid looking too controlling
One of the clumsiest ways to spoil a first date is to talk too much. If you’ve been gossiping on Facebook or Google about your life, avoid knowing it too soon or you may end up hearing the famous phrase: you’re like my ex! Do not make those kind of comments if you want a second appointment.

8. It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it
According to a study published in the newspaper Evolution and Human Behavior, when men talk to women they find attractive, they tend to change their tone of voice. In this way, they go on to talk about high tones to lower tones. So be attentive to the tones of voice. Also, if you intend to analyze your long-term potential with a boy, look at the words you both use. Why? According to a study by the journal Psychological Science, if two people use the same words are more likely to be born a relationship.

9. Follow your look
It’s love at first sight? It depends on where you direct your sight. Several studies suggest that when we feel a crush, the gaze tends to go to the face of the other person. On the other hand, when we simply feel sexual attraction, we tend to observe different parts of their body. So you know, in your next appointment follows your look to find out what you feel. If he stares into your eyes, he probably was captivated by you.

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10. Do not let the opinions of others ruin your appointment
Ask the opinion of friends and family about your partner is important, but if you do too soon may change your opinion about him before you know. According to some studies, when different opinions are given about a possible sentimental partner, they can influence your own vision about that person. So avoid asking for opinions from others when you have not had time to form yours.

11. If you are not in love, cut
Dating someone you’re not really in love with is a waste of time. Be realistic with yourself. Are you ashamed to say that he is your boyfriend? Have you met your friends? Would you rather watch a series than talk to him? Are you with him for fear of being single? Any of these signs suggests that you are not in love with him and you must end this relationship. Trust us, being single is much better than extending a relationship that is not going anywhere.

12. Do your appointments never end well? Keep trying!
It is not necessary to do a marathon of appointments, but if things have not gone well: do not give up. Maybe your ideal man is around the corner, so do not stop looking for him.

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