Sex: the best medicine for almost everything

Discover the benefits of an active sex life

Besides pleasure, sex is a great medicine. When we have sex, there is an authentic chemical discharge that, among other benefits, increases our life expectancy. This is due to the secretion of dehidorepiandrosterone protein (DHEA), which helps prevent depression, cardiovascular and degenerative problems. But there is more.

1.- It has been shown that practicing sex regularly reinforces the immune system, since we force him to generate more antibodies.

2.- During the orgasm estrogen is released, a hormone that helps the skin and hair look better, since it induces the synthesis of collagen.

3.- Maintaining an active sex life in menopause is key, since it prevents vaginal atrophy. It is also a great training for the pelvic floor that helps to avoid urinary incontinence.

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4.- According to the State University of New Jersey (USA), the orgasm releases hormones that help block pain. In addition, vaginal stimulation helps women to block back pain, menstrual pain or headache.

5.- It is a powerful anxiolytic against stress. It relaxes us and increases the secretion of dopamine. In addition, after orgasm, prolactin is released, responsible for drowsiness and relaxation: we will sleep much better.

6.- It keeps us in shape. In a sexual relationship we burn an average of 5 calories per minute and exercise several muscles of the body.

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