Sexual positions that burn the most calories

Do you have in your list of good intentions the two “A capital letters”: lose weight and love?

On average, practicing sex for 20 minutes can burn around 250 calories. If you are one of those who enjoy preliminaries, you can add 26 more calories for every 60 seconds of passionate kisses and caresses.

If you want to optimize “your training” (sorry, we mean your sexual relations) do not miss what are the 5 sexual postures that burn the most calories according to the ranking of the brand of luxury erotic toys LELO. All not to mention the release of endorphins and serotonin.

1. Standing: we start with a posture in which all the muscles of the body are worked. In this case, the man carries all the weight of the woman holding her in his arms. In addition, in order not to load the back and avoid injuries, the man will perform a small squat, taking advantage of the strength of the legs to support the weight. For its part, the woman will gain in strength and endurance, especially in the area of ​​the abdomen, buttocks and legs. This posture allows you to burn around 550 calories.

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2. The wheelbarrow: this position allows the woman to tone her shoulders, arms and abdomen, since she will have to do a kind of flexion to maintain it. As for the man, he will also strengthen his arms, since he will have to hold the woman’s legs up. In this case, the woman burns around 450 calories, while the man stays at 350.

3. The bridge: Without a doubt, this is one of the positions in which the woman has to do more than her part, since flexibility and resistance are needed. Performing this pose for 5 minutes allows the woman to burn around 450 calories, while the man barely burns 200.

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4. V erotic: in this position the woman sits on the edge of a table and places her legs on the shoulders of the man, although it may also be he who holds the legs of the woman. The woman must make strength to prevent the man from moving her, thus strengthening arms and abdomen while burning about 300 calories. The man, meanwhile, will work a lot of muscles, highlighting arms, abdomen and legs, so the caloric intake amounts to approximately 400 calories.

5. The spider: finally, one of the most complex postures and more muscular groups works. Both sit on the bed with their legs found, supporting their weight with their arms. The woman’s hips are in the man’s open legs, with the knees surrounding his abdomen. This position allows both to work arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs, which requires a great physical effort. This posture allows you to burn up to 600 calories.

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