Adopt an adult pet, why not?

The adoption of animals is a responsible practice that in recent years is having an increase. Many people who decide to expand their family are inclined towards adoption instead of buying.

Even so, new adopters have a tendency to adopt puppies, claiming they want their new dog or cat to grow up with the family as a child.

But have you really considered the advantages or disadvantages of adopting a puppy or an adult? Puppies, in the early stages of life, need much more care and attention.

Cats and dogs, like puppies of any kind, have to learn everything from scratch. If they do not have an adequate socialization, or do not receive the teachings they need to live with people and more animals, they can become problematic adults.

On the other hand, adopting an adult can count on numerous advantages that we tell you next:

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The main advantage is that we know perfectly the definitive character of the animal. We can know if it is quiet, or if on the contrary it is active. If he is affectionate or independent, if he gets along well with other animals, their customs, etc.
Thus, we can choose the animal that adapts to our way of life and customs without taking any surprise. In the case of cats is the same, if we want a loving cat or a playful cat, adopting an adult we will be sure of how our pet will be, while, if we adopt a puppy, we can not know what will be its final character.

We know the final size. Although in the case of cats this is not too important, it is very important in the case of dogs. Sometimes, if we adopt a mestizo puppy, it is difficult to get an exact idea of ​​the size it will reach as an adult, and we will not have the certainty of the final size until it grows.
We do not have to go through the stage of destruction of the puppies: Most puppies, in their first months experience everything with their teeth, bite, destroy, etc. With adult dogs this will not happen to us, they usually have a superior maturity and have lost the habit of biting and destroying from the early period.

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We can take them directly to do activities in the street: While with the puppies we have to wait for the whole period of vaccination to be able to take them out on the street for a walk, adopting an adult we can enjoy from the day one with him of outdoor activities.

They learn very fast and adapt to our home and customs. Adult animals have a great capacity for learning, and they are shown to adapt quickly to the environment where they live.
They need less dedication. Although all animals need to be given their time, adult animals require less time than puppies. If they have their basic needs covered they will spend more time resting and quiet than a naughty and playful puppy would.
Finally, note that adopting an adult animal saved two lives. The one of the animal that you adopt and the one of the one that will occupy its position in a refuge.

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