How to eliminate the spots of the lacrimal of our pets?

The typical spots of reddish or brown tones that appear especially in the lacrimal of some dogs, is a frequent problem faced by many pet owners.

It is not a serious problem, but it is unsightly. Sometimes it may be caused by a problem or disease in the animal.


Why are they produced?

The spots that appear in the lacrimal are as a result of excessive tearing of the eye. Tears contain mineral salts, which in contact with the air oxidize and create those dark spots. If the tearing is excessive and continuous the area is always kept moist and becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which further darken the spots and can cause infections.


What are the most frequent causes?

There are many causes that can cause our dog to have these spots among which we can highlight:

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Race: There are some breeds that have a greater predisposition to have these spots. Breeds of bulging eyes or short snouts are more likely to present them. Also in white-haired breeds they stain very easily. Some examples would be: poodle, chihuahua, pug, maltes, pekines and shih-tzu.
Hair: Long-haired animals that have hair near their eyes can irritate them and make tearing more frequent, so they may also be more prone to the appearance of these spots.
Epifora: this term refers to the abundant and constant lacrimation produced by the obstruction of the lacrimal channels by inflammation or disease. In this case, if we detect an excessive tearing without apparent cause we must go to our veterinarian who can diagnose the cause
Allergy or foreign body: finally, this excessive lachrymation and as a result the reddish spots of the lacrimal of our pets may be caused by some type of allergy or foreign body that may have been introduced into the eye of our pet causing discomfort and as a result lachrymation.

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How can we fight them?

Once discarded that our pet has a health problem that is causing it, we can eliminate those annoying spots very easily.

If the problem lies in the hair that can get into the eyes and bother, we must cut them and clear the area so that it does not continue to provoke irritation.

There are numerous products on the market that eliminate them such as Holy eyes and devious pretty eyes. These products have a very simple mechanism of action, based on a chemical antioxidant that gradually eliminates stains. Each product has instructions for use that it is advisable to follow. It is important to be careful when using it so that it does not come into direct contact with the eyes. We must also keep the area as dry as possible, so that this oxidation does not continue to occur.

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As an aid, we can give our dog to drink water of weak mineralization, which will favor that less spots are created, although there is tearing.

Hopefully these tips will be useful, and if you have any doubt, go to your trusted veterinarian.


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