Mega-Volume Waterproof Mascara

Mega-Volume Waterproof Mascara





  • Adds good length, volume, and some curl to lashes.
  • Doesn't flake or smudge.
  • Waterproof as claimed.

Almay’s not a brand known for its powerhouse mascara formulas, but with its Mega-Volume Waterproof Mascara, that just might change.

The main hook with this mascara is in its “megaphone-shaped” brush, which is essentially a spoolie brush that bows out a bit at the end. It’s an intriguing design, but it doesn’t make an impact one way or the other when it comes to mascara application.

The star here is in the mascara formula itself: it beautifully enhances lashes by adding a good amount of length, volume, and even some curl. The mascara is soft and doesn’t feel stiff on lashes, and even though there is some minor clumping when adding additional coats, it’s easy to brush out.

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This also holds up remarkably well throughout the day, with no smudging, flaking, and it is truly waterproof as claimed, holding up to moisture without melting away.

If you’ve been looking for a good multitasking mascara in a budget price range, then this fits the bill nicely.

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