The avocado arrives without bone

The avocado arrives without bone
Goodbye cuts in the hands

We have already talked about the advantages of eating avocado: they help to lose weight, are good for the skin and improve memory. They are rich in vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids, are an excellent source of potassium and magnesium and, in addition, contain lutein, good for cognitive health.

Avocado hand

It is not easy to remove the avocado from the bone. You can cut it in half and with a sharp blow, dig the knife into the seed and then extract it. However, during this process, cutting is quite easy. In fact the “avocado hand” begins to be a fairly common injury among lovers of this fruit and should not be taken as a joke: a cut in the palm of the hand is quite dangerous, as it is an area full of nerves and tendons .

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The British company Mark & ​​Spencer (we know it because it sells clothes, but also is dedicated to the marketing of gourmet products) has launched the boneless avocado variety. It is called cocktail avocado, dates even “abortion” (that’s why there is no bone: they are created from the flower without pollinating). It is smaller (about 8 centimeters) and has a fine and edible skin and all its interior is a tasty pulp.

The avocado without bone is a seasonal fruit, only occurs in December and, although they are more expensive, if you think about it well you take advantage of all the fruit. Of course, there are also detractors of this variety … What are they going to do all those instagramers who prepared their coffees using the peel as a cup? Yes, the famous Avolatte (or how to spoil two dishes at once). There are even those who eat the bone, as it is full of antioxidants and polyphenols.

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With or without bone it is still one of the favorite products of our kitchen.

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