Bali is a living postcard, an Indonesian paradise like something out of a dream. Soak up the sun on a beach of fine white sand or mix with the tropical animal species while diving through coral reefs or the wreck of a World War II ship. On land, the lush jungle shelters stone temples and mischievous monkeys. The “artistic capital” of Ubud is the perfect place to see a typical dance performance in the area, perform a batik or silverware workshop, or revitalize the mind and body with a yoga class.

Ogranize your trip to Indonesia
Also known as the island of the gods, Bali is a tourist destination located on the islands of Indonesia, ideal for all types of travelers: backpackers, explorers, adventurers or those who are just looking for a relaxing trip in a paradisiacal environment. Bali may seem like a small place to travel (you can travel the whole island of Bali by car in a day) but its importance as a tourist destination is enormous. In Bali there are many things to do and what to visit: extensive rice plantations, good surf spots and other water activities, as well as its magical temples, fascinating dance shows and white sand beaches where you can lie in the sun and enjoy its turquoise waters. This combination of possibilities makes Bali a perfect destination for tourism.

Travel to Bali
The tropical paradise of the island of Bali, in Indonesia, is a dream place for travelers from all over the world. Its beautiful beaches, its warm blue waters, the friendliness of its people have combined to make Bali a very popular holiday destination.

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In this complete guide of tourism in Bali we offer you all the necessary information so you can plan and organize your trip to Bali and thus leave nothing to chance. Traveling to Bali is an unforgettable experience for all travelers.

A trip full of possibilities
The island of Bali is a true haven of peace. In a safe and peaceful political context, the temperate climate during all seasons, its white sand beaches, the more than 10,000 temples of Bali, the Balinese culture, the rainforest and above all the hospitality of the Balinese, make it a unbeatable destination.

Bali Tourism Guide
Bali is an ideal destination for what they are looking for a different kind of tourism, adventurous and discovery of new cultures. It is not surprising that more and more people choose to spend their holidays on the island of Bali. In addition, a trip to Bali is within reach of almost all pockets, if we find a flight at a good price the accommodation in Bali and in Indonesia is not very expensive.

This island not only offers a trip on its inner margin of rice fields or on the volcanic slopes that are probably even more active. There are endless resorts for tourism in Bali located on the most beautiful white sand beaches of the south and 5 star hotels at a good price. The island offers water sports and marine activities, such as diving, surfing, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, among many others – ideal for adventure tourism enthusiasts.

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If you are going to travel to Bali we have to take into account that the trip by plane is going to be long, so it is advisable to hire a flight that offers comfort. In general it is necessary to make stops at more than one airport to get to Indonesia.

The best way to get to know Bali is to visit the island, follow a previously planned tour or hire one. Most of the Bali tours include visits to the Besakih temple, a monument of great religious importance in Bali, covering almost the entire slope of the hill. Another place you should not miss on your trip to Bali is Lake Batur, in the mountainous and volcanic region of Bali, a place that offers tourists breathtaking views and a trip to the authentic green jungle of the island. The lake is at the foot of the volcano, which still remains active, on Mount Batur.

There is also a great offer on boat trips or mini cruises around Bali to see the island from a different perspective or travel to the nearby islands, such as the Gili or Lembongan Islands.

Why travel to Bali?
Travel Bali
We still have not convinced you to go on a trip to Bali? Well, we can still give you more ideas so that you decide to go sightseeing in Bali, since in this paradise island of Indonesia, not only will you spend the day on the beach, but traveling to Bali also means knowing a new culture, traveling to Bali means trying new flavors, traveling to Bali means knowing exceptional landscapes, traveling to Bali means knowing another world.

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But also a trip to Bali can also be very interesting for those people who are fond of the Buddhist region, since Bali, like the whole region of Indonesia, is home to a number of fascinating temples and mystical places.

For those who like sports and adventure activities, on their trip to Bali they will live an unforgettable experience because tourism in Bali will also allow you to do all kinds of sports such as snorkeling, diving, rafting, riding an elephant. .. It is because of all this that you can not doubt a minute more in packing your bags and going to Bali, as it can be a great experience.

Nor can we stop visiting their towns and cities, from the most populated and active cities to the most rural towns, where it seems that time has stopped. This is, surely, the best way to get to know the fantastic Indonesian island of Bali.

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